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Miami Dryer Duct Cleaning

Why is Dryer Duct Cleaning So Important?

There’s no question that the businesses and home owners in Miami are fastidious about cleaning and safety. Stanley Steemer is their choice for dryer duct cleaning. Anyone who has ever had the scary experience of a dryer fire can tell you how important it is to insure your dryer is lint free. With the numerous types of lint collectors in dryers, none as yet, have been able to stop the occurrence of lint clogs or lint fire. There’s a mechanical design reason for this. Most dryers are built to tumble clothing dry. In order for lint to collect, the lint collector is designed to be located nearest the drum opening. For some dryers, the lint collector may be located on the door or at the base of the opening.

Keep Dryer Ducts Clean

Commercial dryers are the most difficult to keep clean. In many Miami area laundromats, hospitals and restaurant facilities, these dryers are built for heavier loads. Generally, these commercial dryers build up lint much faster than those built for home use. Today’s home dryers are sized nearly as large as commercial dryers. This increase in the size of a home dryer adds to the problem of keeping dryer ducts clean. Stanley Steemer provides a thorough deep cleaning of dryer ducts and their duct outlets. The duct outlets vent to the outdoors. When dryer ducts clog at the base, the outlets clog also. That’s when it’s time to call on Stanley Steemer to keep dryer ducts clean and safe.

Don’t Risk a Fire Emergency – Get Professional Dryer Duct Cleaning

The frequency of use of dryers also increases the chances of lint clogging dryer ducts and outlets. To get the most COMPREHENSIVE CLEANING, contact Stanley Steemer today. Visit for a complete listing of Stanley Steemer’s services.


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See What Real Customers Have to Say About Stanley Steemer Air Duct Cleaning

– Mr. and Mrs. M. Helfant

We want to take this opportunity to praise both gentlemen from sis who cleaned our air ducts. The men Chris Roberts and Harry Estellus did the necessary work with a minimum amount of disruption to our comfort. Kudos to them and to your company!!

– Ellen C.

We also have colder air and our breathing and coughing is much better, we feel like were in a new home, Thank you for sending a very efficient crew. I am sure we will be using Stanley Steemer in the future!

– Maria E.

I should’ve sent you this tip earlierHowever, I am very grateful for the excellent job you did here at my condo. Breathing clean air is so excellent. Wishing you all the best and heavy thank you for all your good work here.

Yasuko H

They were efficient and cleaned up after they were done. They also let me know about a UV light I can use on my a/c to help rid of mold and mildew from getting on my unit which was my problem before I got my new unit.


    Q: Why do i need to have my air ducts cleaned?

    A: Air duct cleaning is crucial to your health and your budget. The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY estimates that an average six-room home collects 40 pounds of dust, dirt and other allergens throughout the year. If left uncleaned, the allergens are then circulated into the air inside your home, being especially harmful to those with asthma and allergies. The buildup of dust and debris also weakens the performance of your HVAC unit, causing it to work harder which results in higher energy bills. If left alone, this could cause you to have to replace your entire HVAC unit.

    Q: How often should air ducts be cleaned?

    A: It is recommended that you have your air ducts cleaned at least every three to five years. You should also have your air ducts cleaned if you’ve recently had furnace or ductwork completed, if you’ve recently remodeled or constructed your home and if there has been recent flooding or water damage, as all of these scenarios can cause excessive build-up of sediment, dust and bacteria.

    Q: How long will it take my office furniture to dry?

    A: The signs you should look for when determining if you need your air ducts cleaned are: dirty vent covers, dark lines on walls or ceilings, excessive dust on tables and objects, difference in temperature from room to room and a spike in your energy bill.

    Q: How does stanley steemer clean air ducts?

    A: After technicians complete a thorough inspection, they use a HEPA-filtered vacuum system to clean the furnace, evaporator coil, blower and vent covers. Then the vacuum is attached to the main trunk line in combination with agitation tools that loosen and pull out debris that has settled deep within the duct system. After all of that is completed, compressed air is blown through each duct to ensure the vacuum effectively removes all debris.

    Q: Why is being asthma and allergy-friendly important to air duct cleaning?

    A: Stanley Steemer technicians are asthma and allergy-friendly certified, meaning we provide cleaning methods that have been rigorously tested and proven to effectively remove the majority of allergens in the air, which is one of the main reasons to get an air duct cleaning. We also offer asthma and allergy-friendly certified HVAC filters designed specifically to trap pollutants and allergens while prohibiting the spread and growth of bacteria on the filter.


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